Weekend (this and last…)

This past weekend had opportunity to actually use Bertha rather than work on her.

Went “boondocking” in Adirondacks, to two DEC approved campsites.

Was quite relaxing and refreshing….

One observation noted is that I MUST get an awning installed…    Though I’m of two minds about having attached awning vs. a freestanding one:

The advantage of a free-standing awning is that when leaving your campsite for a few hours (say, to run into town for supplies) it is clear to anyone that the campsite is occupied; less so if all that is left behind is a chair, table and maybe a pile of wood.  Have had occasion in past where other camper(s) had assumed site was abandoned and took pile of campfire wood (lucky they didn’t take other equipment too…)

The advantage of an attached awning is that, well, it’s attached;  though this can actually be a disadvantage if you need to leave a site quickly (you forgot to get that quart of milk at the store and need to run back into town).  Another disadvantage is that it is attached on one side, and you have to be conscious of this when setting up site (i.e. where sun will be late in afternoon, will there actually be any shade?).  Hmmm, maybe get two; one on each side…  ….OR one attached and one freestanding….


This coming weekend it’s back to work on Bertha.


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